ALBANIA: Authority launches MTPL damage registry

11 February 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
The Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) has announced the launch of a public online registry of all damages incurred for MTPL insurance policies, the insurance consumers being able to follow the course of their indemnities based on a unique identification number.

After an accident occurs, citizens insured with MTPL policies should contact their insurance company to report the damage. The AFSA's electronic system automatically outputs a 21-character code, after the insurance company notifies the authority regarding the accident. The parties involved in the accident will receive this unique number from their insurance company within a day after they reported the damage. Using the code, the citizen can check the status of their indemnity file, the current stage of the payment and what documentation needs to be completed.

The register is maintained by the AFSA with the help of local insurance companies and enables the online communication between citizens and their insurer regarding MTPL damage, coming as an extension to the AFSA Online Citizen Complaint Reporting Platform, which has been operational since February 2019.

AFSA also announced that a new online registry is underway, where the public can access a list of all previous damage of a vehicle, based on its chassis number. The system will help to further increase transparency in the market and better protect consumers, AFSA mentioned.

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