ALLIANZ Group opened earthquake & fire research center in Istanbul

26 August 2020 —
A new earthquake and fire research center in Turkey expands the family of Allianz Group's ALLIANZ Centers for Technology, the German insurer announced in a statement. It conducts earthquake, automotive, transport and fire tests, simulations and practical training in Istanbul.

"With the ALLIANZ Teknik Earthquake and Fire Testing and Training Center in Turkey, three ALLIANZ Group research centers are now available to support customers and society in loss prevention, improve products and processes, and increase the operational safety of systems and consumer goods. For decades, the findings from damage analysis have helped to reduce accidents of private individuals and damage in companies".

The ALLIANZ Teknik Earthquake and Fire Testing and Training Center was officially opened in late 2019 on the campus of the Turkish-German University in Beykoz, Istanbul.

Local media noted the German group investment on the Turkish-German University campus amounts to TRT 30 million.

Over an area of 2,500 square meters, the test center houses, among other things, an earthquake laboratory, in which not only earthquake tests but also automobile and transport tests can be carried out; an earthquake simulation, especially for earthquake response training; a fire alarm and extinguishing practice hall; a fire pump room and a smoke extraction simulation for practical exercises.

It is the third test center of the ALLIANZ Group and also the first test center of the company to be used in an earthquake area.

Turkey is one of the most seismically active countries in the world and is repeatedly hit by violent earthquakes.