AM Best's CEE Insurance Market Briefing – Vienna: from how to “read” a rating to how to “get” a rating

28 March 2024 — Daniela GHETU

How trustful is a potential business partner? Who certifies its trustfulness, its creditworthiness? Ratings are the first check point when deciding whether to do business with an entity. Join the AM Best's CEE Insurance Market Briefing Vienna, on 17 April, not only to take the pulse of the fast-evolving challenges in the insurance field, but also to find out more about the rating building blocks, the meanings behind the assigned ratings.

AM Best’s top professionals will navigate you through the rating process’s fine details and trends, as well as answer questions about how and why a company should need getting rated and what the best steps towards achieving this goal:

  • Stanislav STOEV, Senior Financial Analyst
  • Andrea PORTA, Financial Analyst
  • William MILLS, Senior Director, Market Development - EMEA
  • Riccardo CICCOZZI, Director, Market Development – Europe

In addition, AM Best analysts and other leading industry practitioners in the CEE will share their insights on trends and challenges in the industry and how firms are navigating it.

Participation in the event is free of charge, subject to available seats.

More details on the conference agenda are available on the event’s webpage. Registration is open online.