About us

For over 25 years, XPRIMM has been the press group, public relations, and events company, specialized in the insurance market and the private pensions industry. The main asset of the company is represented by the unique position on the two specialized markets, therefore being considered the most important communication vector in and with these industries in Romania.

Our close interconnection with the insurance and private pensions markets has generated a very good expertise for us. In the same time, the intense editorial activity carried out under the XPRIMM brand, along with consulting, networking and PR services, as well as the organization of dedicated events, have given us special visibility and they ensured us an excellent national and international

Our over 25 years of activity were possible due to the unique flexibility this structure has, known in the market, in short, as XPRIMM. An example is represented by the changes we implemented during the past years, due to the pandemic conditions. The company`s activity continued and even developed, migrating to some online components, its main objective being to continue to offer its services to the markets it serves.


Projects developed by XPRIMM, both nationally and internationally, pursue, with priority, the achievement of the following objectives, dedicated to those two markets - insurance and private pensions:

  • Promoting the image of the Romanian insurance market and of the financial services industries locally as well as at European level
  • Promoting the role and the importance of insurance, reinsurance and brokerage companies in the Romanian mass media, in the macroeconomic context
  • Informing and educating the population regarding the role and importance of life insurance in our everyday life
  • Informing and educating the population regarding the functioning of the private pension system
  • Promoting the private pension industry - administrators, auditors, marketing agents and the system itself

OUR ASSET - a unique positioning

Our extended relations with the decision - makers from the insurance and private pension industries represent one of our main attributes. They allow us to efficiently identify, together with the experts and decision-makers in the field, the main issues and to debate them within our events, with great speakers and prestigious participants. Also, XPRIMM is involved in running informing and educating campaigns on various financial topics, facilitating sending messages from insurance and private pension markets to the final clients.

Last, but not least, the over 25 years of activity in these markets built a solid base for consulting activity and Public Relations and Communication services offered by XPRIMM.

OUR CONFERENCES – a clear way towards success

Through the many conferences, forums, meetings, and events produced and organized we initiated, together with our partners, projects that later became reference activities in this regard for their quality and public resonance.
The XPRIMM events have practically become mandatory points in the agenda of leaders and specialists in the industry, evolving in a tradition for everyone.
Every event launched by XPRIMM was and is organized according to the requirements and needs of the customers and the market. Thus, many of them represents, in fact, those important annual meetings that nobody affords to miss.
As communication specialists, we offer to other companies, interested in the insurance market, efficient promoting and communication tools.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION – a priority for us

For more than 10 years, one of XPRIMM's activity pillars is represented by informing and educating the Romanian public and promoting information about the Romanian insurance market.

XPRIMM is the main support in terms of the experience behind all campaigns organized by ApPA – Association for Promoting Insurance. Year after year, topics such as car insurance, safety road, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and more, are put in the context of national campaigns supported by the insurance industry and financial domains related to it.

Among the best-known campaigns carried out by XPRIMM and ApPA we mention:


OUR RECIPE - Efficiency through Innovation and Tradition

All XPRIMM projects combine innovation and tradition, identify topics of maximum interest, anticipate future trends and represent communicating channels for the insurance and private pensions markets.

Our editorial projects with international addressability are based on the electronic communication medium: XPRIMM News - The Romanian Insurance Market Newsletters, www.xprimm.com .

XPRIMM publications enjoy an excellent international recognition and are Media Partners of all important insurance, private pensions and reinsurance European events. Thus, in addition to Romania, Eastern, Central and Western Europe, as well as Russia, Turkey and other CIS states are also covered through dedicated market profiles.
Specialized international events, such as FIAR - The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum ( www.fiar.ro ) have become milestones for professionals and insurance specialists, building a tradition of communicating about and for businesses in the above-mentioned regions.

XPRIMM 's activity is structured on a few important pillars:

  • Media group specialized in the insurance and private pensions fields


PRIMM magazine - Insurance & Pensions - biannual specialized magazine in Romanian language ( www.primm.ro ), with two print and two online editions  (e -primm ).
Insurance Report - biannual publication in English, which presents important data regarding the activity of the main 30 insurance markets in Central and Eastern Europe, respectively in Russia and the former CIS ( www.xprimm.com ).
MOTOR Insurance Report - includes financial data for the car insurance markets of 32 countries in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, respectively Russia and the former CIS. The magazine includes both information specific to the car insurance sector, as well as numerous issues related to it: from the economic general state of the analyzed markets and statistics related to the national car park, roads or frequency and main causes of accidents, to data regarding subscriptions, paid damages, and problematic current in the car insurance field for each country analyzed in the report.
PROPERTY Insurance Report - performs an analysis of the property insurance segment, starting from the results registered on the national markets and scoring their main characteristics, both from the point of view of opportunities and development prospects, as well as in what their exposure to risks looks like in the future. The magazine includes 32 country profiles that present both the main financial indicators (from GDP to the number of inhabitants, the unemployment rate and the degree of insurance penetration), as well as the detailed statistics about property insurance segment. To them are added a series of specialized articles and interviews with personalities relevant to the domain.

Country reports – Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Rep. Moldova, Azerbaijan, Russia - they have dedicated insurance marker reports.

Electronic publications

XPRIMM News - weekly newsletter, in Romanian
XPRIMM Info - bimonthly newsletter, in Romanian, including interviews, articles on current topics in the field, synthesis the financial news
XPRIMM News – weekly newsletter in English
XPRIMM Job – informing newsletter regarding the job offers in insurance
www.1asig.ro – the best known insurance portal in Romania
www.pensiileprivate.ro – the most important source of information in the private
pensions field

www.xprimm.com - complete source of information on the states in the region, permanently monitored: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

  • Producers and organizers of specialized events

Annual national and international events

FIAR - International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum  - 3 days of conferences, seminars, bilateral meetings, networking ( www.fiar.ro )
ICAR - The International Catastrophic Risks Forum - scientific communications, networking ( www.icarforum.ro )
IIF - Motor Insurance Forum 
( www.internationalinsuranceforum.com )
IIF - Property Insurance Forum 
( www.internationalinsuranceforum.com )
Insurance in the DIGITAL World Conference
( www.internationalinsuranceforum.com )
European Consumer Protection Conference 
( consumerprotection.ro )
Baden Baden XPRIMM Reception  - Baden Baden, Germany
Awards Gala for Insurers - granted by PRIMM Insurance & Pensions Review
Awards Gala for Private Pensions - granted by PRIMM Insurance & Pensions Review
Awards Gala for Insurance Brokers - granted by XPRIMM Publications
XPRIMM Annual Forecast Meetings - debates, estimates, networking
Conferences & Seminars dedicated to current topics in the financial services field, gathering institutions from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries

  • Promoters of the insurance and private pension markets through dedicated shows
    • Zodia Asigur?rilor (The Insurance Zodiac) - TV talk show on Channel 33 HD - over 100 weekly shows, addressing to the wide public and to insurance consumers, approaching important insurance topics
    • Ora de Risc (The Risk Hour) - at RFI Romania - the most long-lasting weekly talk show on insurance and private pensions topics, started almost 15 years ago
    • Online shows as Insurance Entrepreneur, Insurance People, Weekly News and XPRIMM Time for Business are only some of the video productions that offer a video synthesis of the main topics from the insurance market.
    • They are published and promoted through XPRIMM's social media channels on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • We also publish Interviews and materials dedicated to various entities and special moments of the insurance and private pensions markets.
  • Consultant and communicator for insurance industry - PR & communication services

The almost 25 years in which XPRIMM transmitted messages and information from the insurance and private pension markets to the audience broadly qualifies it as the best choice when it comes to a communication agency specialized in insurance and private pensions domains.

Through those who granted us their trust and who chose us to be them PR company and/or social media agency we can name:

UNSAR, PAID Romania, EUROINS Romania, GRAWE Insurance, GOTHAER Insurance, FATA Agricultural Insurance, DAUNE.Expert and more.  

  • Specialized service provider

In various contexts, we offer, upon request, services of:

  • conference moderating
  • event organizing for companies
  • graphics
  • video recording
  • video editing

The complexity of our offer, our significant experience and deep understanding of the specifics of insurance and private pensions industries recommend XPRIMM as the first choice for the above services.


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