Adris grupa announced the payment of dividend in the amount of EUR 2.57 per share

14 May 2024 — Andrei VICTOR
Croatian conglometate Adris grupa - grupa with business in tourism, food production and insurance (the owner of Croatia osiguranje Group - one of the largest insurers in Adriatic region) announced the payment of dividend in the amount of EUR 2.57 per share

In 2023, Adris grupa realized a total revenue in the amount of EUR 980 million, which is 15% more y-o-y. EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) from regular business stood at EUR 181 million and is 11% more y-o-y. The reporting EBITDA is EUR 171 million, and the reporting net profit is EUR 82.3 million, which is a 1% growth. The consolidated net profit from regular business is EUR 96 million and is 19% more y-o-y. Net profit after minority interests amounts to EUR 63 million and, compared to the previous year, is 4% higher.

The company informed that "the reporting net profit in 2023 is influenced by non-recurring items, of which write-offs related to the new investment cycle in tourism have the biggest impact, in which the Marjan hotel is the largest. Business in 2023 is also burdened by the cumulative cost of the increased fee for tourist land for the period 2020-2023".

Thus, the Supervisory Board determined financial statements and, together with the Management Board, along with other proposed decisions, proposed to the General Meeting the decision making on the payment of dividend in the mount of EUR 2.57 per share.

The amount of dividend of EUR 2,28 per share will be paid out of the retained profit realized by the Company’s business activities in the period from 2005 to the end of 2011, and the amount of EUR 0.29 by share from the retained profit realized by the Company’s business activity after 2012, which means the shareholders will be paid a nett amount of EUR 2.54 per share.

The right to dividend payment belongs to all shareholders of the Company who were registered as shareholders in the depository of the Central Depository & Clearing Company on 8 July 2024, and it will be paid on 24 July 2024.