Andela Sutija elected President of the Croatian insurance brokers professional association

18 February 2021 — Daniela GHETU
Andela SUTIJA, CEO of ANO Insurance and Reinsurance Broker was elected the new President of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Companies at the HGK (Croatian Chamber of Commerce) session held on February 17. Mate MARKOTA, a member of ZABA Partner, was elected her Deputy.

"We have clearly defined competencies broker and we have to work on clearer communication about the benefits of strategic risk management, the promotion of the reputation of the profession and strive for the accomplishment of the maximum, both for individuals and for companies," said SUTIJA saying that her motto is " Dream Big, Start Small , act now "which, in her experience, is equally applicable in business and in private, as well as in the position that the Association should take in the coming period.

In her program and vision of further development of the profession, SUTIJA pointed out that it is necessary to work on further excellence of the profession and better communication of products in insurance and reinsurance, especially given the fact that very few companies and individuals in Croatia fully protect their business and property. environment.

SUTIJA is an executive director with almost 30 years of experience in insurance and risk management and comprehensive experience in project management, people management, sales and finance. She has been actively involved in building the insurance market for almost her entire career and has been continuously successful in the development, management and growth of companies, which she does equally through improving the planning process, program coordination, but also through strong partnerships with all stakeholders.

The Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Companies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has existed since 2005, and during its work adopted the Code of Ethics in Insurance and Reinsurance Mediation, launched a training program for insurance and reinsurance distributors, participated in drafting the legislative framework in cooperation with the Croatian supervision of financial services and the Ministry of Finance and continuously works on the promotion of brokers' activities in insurance and consumer protection.


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