BELARUS: A unified motor insurance policy to be introduced in the Union State by mid-2023

26 October 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the press service of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, it is planned to introduce a single compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy in the Union State by mid-2023, BELTA reports.

"The meeting participants discussed the work on the unification of MTPL insurance for citizens of the Union State. The draft concept of a model legislative act "On the system of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles in the Union State" presented to the parliamentarians, was developed by the deputies - members of the Commission on Legislation and regulations of the work group", the press service noted.

The project involves making minimal changes to the legislation of Belarus and Russia, which will make it possible to extend validity of an insurance contract concluded on the territory of one state to insured events that occurred on the territory of another state. "In addition, for the insurance purposes, it will be necessary to integrate databases, unify the procedure for registering accidents and develop a single form of notification of an accident on the territory of the Union State. Parliamentarians agreed with the proposal of the Central Bank of Russia to resolve this issue by concluding an appropriate interstate agreement. Coverage of insured events is expected carry out in the same manner that is currently used in the format of the international Green Card insurance system, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the accident occurred", the press service said.

It is planned to prepare and submit a draft model legislative act to the Parliamentary Assembly by the end of 2022. The subsequent bringing of national legislation into line with the model law to use a single insurance policy format is planned by mid-2023.

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