BELARUS: StrahExpertGroup won the Best Broker nomination in the insurance sector

13 October 2021 —
The winners of the republican business competition "Noble Taler. Finance - 2021", the award ceremony took place on October 8 in Minsk. Business unions have awarded "Noble Taler" - the highest award of the business community of Belarus - to 12 financial organizations, according to the website of the

Belarusian Association of Insurers.

More than 80 applicants were nominated for the competition: banks, microfinance, leasing, brokerage, accounting, and other companies in the financial sector. Proposals for nominees were submitted by the Belarusian Association of Insurers, the Association of Lessors of Belarus, the Audit Chamber of the Ministry of Finance, the "BIK Ratings" rating agency, and other entities. Within the framework of the approved methodology, results of the companies' work in the two years preceding the competition, as well as in the current year were evaluated.

The winner of the competition in the category "Best Broker" in the insurance sector was StrakhExpertGroup.