BELARUS: The draft law "On Insurance" introduces a new form of insurance - imputed insurance

12 December 2023 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The draft law "On Insurance ", which was adopted by deputies in the second reading, provides for introduction of a new form of insurance - imputed insurance, BELTA reports.

The draft law will ensure equalization of the operating conditions of insurance organizations of various forms of ownership, differentiation of the minimum size of the charter capital depending on the LoB of insurers, expansion of insurance objects, establishment of requirements for the corporate management system in insurance organizations, changing approaches to state guarantees of insurance payments, creation of conditions for the further development of life insurance, and introduction of a new form of insurance - imputed insurance.

A distinctive feature of imputed insurance is the requirement to have an insurance contract as a prerequisite for carrying out a particular activity or for receiving certain benefits. This will apply to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, primarily carriers, realty agents, and anti-crisis managers.