BULGARIA: Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group and DZI-Life Insurance win the annual award in non-life and life insurance

25 May 2023 —
On May 17, 2023, the next edition of the annual award ceremony in the insurance sector and the pension insurance - "Insurer of the Year", "Pension Insurance Company of the Year", "Insurer broker of the Year" 2022 took place in Bulgaria, ABZ (Association of Bulgarian Insurers) reports. The best performing companies from the insurance and pension insurance sector in 2022 were honored.

The award in the "Insurer of the Year - General Insurance" category for 2022 was won by Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group. In the "Insurer of the Year - Life Insurance" category for 2022, the winner was DZI-Life Insurance.

The "Insurer of the Year - Most Dynamically Developing Company" award for 2022 was won by the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency.

In the category "Insurance broker of the year - General insurance" for 2022, the first place was won by SDI Group Ltd. In the category "Insurance Broker of the Year - Life Insurance" for 2022, the winner was IG Insurance Brokers.

Konstantin Velev, executive director of Armeets and two-time chairman of the Board of Directors of ABZ, was awarded the first award "For overall contribution to the development of Bulgarian insurance". The name and personality of Konstantin Velev are associated with establishment, development, and success of Bulgarian insurance in recent decades. He made an outstanding contribution to the development of one of the most important organizations in the insurance sector - the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, as well as NBBAZ, the press release said.