Berlin: LeapFrog CEO, awarded insurance industry gold medal, calls for industry to reach 4 billion under-served consumers by 2030

11 July 2018 — press.release
Dr. Andy Kuper, founder and CEO of LeapFrog Investments, has received the 2018 Founder's Award and Gold Medal from the International Insurance Society for his pioneering work. He was honoured for LeapFrog companies reaching 130 million people in a decade.

Launched in 2008, LeapFrog invests in companies that deliver health and wealth services for emerging consumers, with portfolio companies reaching 130 million people to date. In his acceptance speech at the International Insurance Forum in Berlin, Dr Kuper announced LeapFrog's intention, through its portfolio of companies, to reach 1 billion emerging consumers with essential services by 2030. He called for the world's largest insurance firms and investors together to close the global protection gap, covering 4 billion people, by 2030.

"Through Andy's visionary leadership, LeapFrog has fashioned responsible investment through thought leadership, collaboration and demonstration. In just one decade, impact investing has exhibited dramatic result with exponential benefit to the underserved, emerging economies and the broad insurance industry," said James Vickers, Chairman of the International Insurance Honours Committee, and Chairman, Willis Re International.

LeapFrog portfolio companies have grown revenue 40% a year since investment. The firm has also sold on companies to, and enabled new market entries for, the likes of Prudential Plc, Swiss Re, XL Catlin and Allianz. LeapFrog is backed by some of the world's largest insurance and pensions investors, including Prudential Financial Inc., AIG, Swiss Re, AXA and Zurich.

"LeapFrog is a game changer," said Mike Morrissey, International Insurance Society President and CEO. "It has expanded the investment market and enabled leading insurers to amplify their footprint in emerging markets to the benefit of the industry and those developing countries, all the while improving the lives of millions. Andy's work has had a profound impact on the insurance industry and society in general. We're proud to honour him and the work of LeapFrog Investments."

The spending power of 4 billion emerging consumers is predicted to reach $20 trillion by 2025. Currently, only 70 per cent of these consumers have access to formal financial services, presenting a serious protection gap that imperils their security and productivity.

"We are at a historical moment in time where four billion people in Africa and Asia and beyond are rising out of low-income living and towards the middle class. This is being underpinned by the rapid technological change brought about by smart phone adoption and coupled with evolving regulatory environments that is making these markets even more attractive for investment," Dr. Kuper, founder and CEO of LeapFrog Investments, said. "LeapFrog companies today reach 130 million people, of whom 110 million are emerging consumers, and do so profitably and sustainably. Yet that is merely a beginning. Our goal for 2030 is to reach one billion people with the essential services - the safety nets and springboards to changing their own lives."

With mobile penetration in emerging markets at over 80 per cent versus insurance penetration of less than 3 per cent, there is a massive market opportunity to provide insurance to underserved customers, especially through mobile channels. $15 trillion in consumption is forecast to come from emerging economies by 2020. They will account for the majority of the world's GDP by 2030.

About LeapFrog Investments

LeapFrog Investments invests in exceptional businesses in emerging Asia and Africa - and enables leaps of growth, profitability and impact. Launched in 2008, the group's portfolio of companies now reaches 130 million people with financial services and healthcare, across 33 countries. Over 110 million of those people are emerging consumers; most are accessing formal insurance, savings, pensions, credit, remittances or healthcare for the first time.

LeapFrog, which has had over $1 billion of capital invested, brings a proven 10-year track record as a trusted General Partner to investors in private markets. LeapFrog Investments invests $10-50 million for majority or influential minority stakes in growing companies that have exceptional management teams and are focused on providing services that address the needs of emerging consumers. LeapFrog companies have grown on average by 40 per cent per year since investment, and the group is now backed by many of the world's leading institutional investors. LeapFrog was recently named by Fortune as one of the top five Companies to Change the World, alongside Apple and Novartis, becoming the first private investment group ever listed.

LeapFrog's proprietary measurement framework contributes to new expectations for integrated reporting and to the advancement of industry best practices. LeapFrog is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, a founding Investors Council Member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and is a funder and member of the advisory group of The Impact Management Project.
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