CROATIA: Croatia Osiguranje is a leader in non-life insurance, Wiener in life insurance

15 December 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
GWP in Croatia grew by 11.87% at the end of November 2021 and amounted to HRK 10.74 billion (~EUR 1.43 billion*) wrote.

The leading company in the overall ranking is Croatia Osiguranje with a share of 24.86% in the market GWP. The leader is followed by Euroherc with a 12.3% share, Allianz Zagreb with a 10.71% share, Wiener Osiguranje VIG with a 10.31% share and Adriatic Osiguranje with a 10.06% share.

Segment-wise, the leader in non-life insurance is again Croatia Osiguranje, GWP of which in this business segment grew by 6.03% y-o-y, while the first position in life insurance ranking belongs to Wiener Osiguranje VIG with a 21.98% share and 17.28% y-o-y increase in insurance premium.

*1 EUR = 7.5194 HRK (01.12.2021)

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