CROATIA: Croatia Osiguranje will propose to distribute EUR 65 million in dividend

23 January 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Croatia’s top insurance company Croatia Osiguranje last week informed that its management and supervisory boards will propose to the shareholders to distribute EUR 65 million in dividend on preferred and ordinary shares (EUR 151.27 per share) from retained earnings from previous years, SeeNews wrote.

The management board believes that the payment of dividends is possible without disrupting the stability of operations and maintaining a high level of capital adequacy, which at the end of September was 337%, or 293% at the consolidated level of the Croatia Osiguranje insurance group, and at the end of 2023 capital adequacy is expected remain at above 300% at the parent company level and above 270% on a consolidated level.

The company last paid dividend on ordinary shares (EUR 11.95 per share) in 2011. The company paid a dividend of EUR 14.86 per preferred share last year.