CZECHIA: Accidents with animals on Czech roads are increasing

7 December 2022 —
The analysis of the Czech Accident Portal shows a long-term growing trend of increasing the number of accidents with animals. While there were 897 accidents in the second quarter of 2010, there were 4,041 accidents in the second quarter of 2022, the Czech Insurance Association said.

This dynamic is even more evident from the development of the share of collisions with wild animals in total accidents in the Czech Republic: in the 2Q2010 they accounted for only 4.8% and in 2Q2022 - almost a 16% share. According to the Portal, the highest number of accidents occurs between five and seven in the morning and between six and nine in the evening.

The development of the number of accidents by quarters also shows another interesting trend - regular fluctuations in the number of accidents throughout the year. "The riskiest are the spring (April-June) and fall months (September-November), which is related to the breeding cycle of ungulates and their increased activity. In the spring, wildlife accidents peak in May, when they account for 13% of all accidents, and in fall in November, when they account for 12.5%", says Jan Chalas from the company DataFriends, which is the author and operator of the Accident Portal.