Cristian FUGACIU, CEO, MARSH Romania took over the management of MARSH operations in Austria and Hungary

23 January 2018 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
cristian_fugaciu8Starting January 2018, Cristian FUGACIU, CEO of MARSH Romania is heading the global broker's business in the Central Europe, comprising 7 of the 17 insurance markets that form the CSEE Region (Central & South Eastern Europe).

According to the MARSH business segmentation, in addition to Romania, the Central European Region includes Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. The seven mentioned countries are part of the CSEE Region along with the following countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Turkey.

Cristian FUGACIU was appointed as CEO of MARSH Romania in 2002.

In 2014, he extended his responsabilities as Coordinator of the Southern Region, managing the operations of MARSH in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

At the same time, Cristian FUGACIU is a Member of the Executive Board of Central & South Eastern Europe operations.

Cristian FUGACIU will continue to manage the MARSH operations in Romania - one of the most dynamic insurance industries among the 17 markets that make up the CSEE Region. Thus, along with the Romanian operations, the activity of MARSH subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia will be coordinated from Bucharest.

"I am certain that the unitary approach of the MARSH operations in the seven regional markets will be an advantage for Romania. The fact that MARSH's operations in the Central Region is coordinated from Bucharest, alongside with its presence in the Executive Board at the level of the CSEE Region, can be considere as added value for our customers through strengthening the cooperation, both globally and regionally. Thus, to the advantage of our customers, we will be able to provide them - unitary services and access to the MARSH expertise, sustained by our increased negotiating power," said Cristian FUGACIU, CEO Marsh ROMANIA, Head of Central Region, CSEE.

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