Croatia Osiguranje to distribute a dividend of EUR 116.37 per share (EUR 50 million in total)

9 April 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Croatia Osiguranje, the country's top insurer, will propose to its shareholders to distribute a dividend of EUR 116.37 per share on preferred and ordinary stock, or almost EUR 50 million in total, SeeNews said.

The company intends to pay out EUR 37.35 per share from its retained profit for 2022 (a total of EUR 16.04 million), and to distribute a dividend of EUR 79.02 per share (a total of EUR 33.8 million) from its net profit of EUR 46.9 million reported for 2023. The payment date is August 8.

Last month, the company paid out a dividend of EUR 151.27 per share from retained profit from earlier years.

According to the company, it has operated successfully in the past couple of years with a rising level of profit and high rates of capital adequacy and expects that in 2024 it will maintain the capital adequacy ratio above 200%.

Croatia Osiguranje is one of the biggest insurers in SEE.