Czech Insurers' Bureau will cover any damage caused by Ukrainian vehicles in the Czech Republic for two months

15 March 2022 — Daniela GHETU
On March 1, 2022, the Board of Directors of the Czech Insurers' Bureau (CKP) decided that for a period of 2 months from leaving Ukrainian territory, any damage caused by Ukrainian vehicles in the Czech Republic would be reimbursed by CKP to the guarantee fund, without any impact on Ukrainian motorists, CKP announced.

A similar solution was adopted in Slovakia, where the measures to cover damages by the guarantee fund are valid for one month until the end of March 2022. In Poland, after crossing the border, Ukrainian motorists receive a straight green card for a month for free.

"The two-month period in the case of the Czech Republic and the measures set in neighboring countries will provide Ukrainian motorists with the certainty of operating a vehicle for the near future and will allow them to find a stable solution for subsequently insuring vehicles registered in Ukraine in the Czech Republic in the same way as domestic vehicles," CKP stated.

The Czech Insurers' Bureau will also cover the towing of Ukrainian vehicles in the event of a breakdown or accident. Global assistance operates a special telephone number for the Czech Insurers' Bureau, +420 251 032 834, which is intended for Ukrainians who need towing. In order not to create a language barrier, language-assisted assistants were selected to operate this telephone number.

"There is a minimum of vehicles in Ukraine that have a green card for vehicles abroad, and it is understandable that now Ukrainians fleeing the war are dealing with more important matters than arranging compulsory insurance," CKP said motivating its decision. Also, while under normal circumstances, Ukrainian drivers are controlled at the Ukrainian border for adequate insurance, in the current conditions this is not happening.

However, a post on the Czechia based insurance broker RENOMIA points out, "in the current situation, Czech citizens are also traveling to Ukraine. It should be noted that the country is de facto at war. For this reason, we recall that standard exclusions for damage caused by insurrection, violent riots, strikes, terrorist acts, acts of war, public intervention, nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive pollution may be applied here. Due to the situation, restrictions on the use of assistance services can also be expected."