Czechia: Long-term care in old age and unavailability of quality medical care are top concerns of Czechs.

21 September 2023 — Daniela GHETU
Over 70% of the respondents to the 2023 edition of the annual survey undertaken by the Czech Insurance Association (CAP) are concerned about the inability to provide for themselves in old age. Also, availability unavailability of quality medical care is among the top concerns.

"Demographic forecasts have been talking about the aging of the population for a long time, and the data show a growing number of people in some degree of self-sufficiency. By 2060, from today's approximately 360,000 of these people, we will reach more than a million," explains Jan Matousek, executive director of the Czech Insurance Association, adding: " More and more often, we see in our surroundings and families how difficult it is to provide affordable and dignified care for insecure people from the older generation. There is a lack of bed capacity, resources and caregivers within field services. According to research, up to a fifth of adults take care of their loved ones."

Czechs in their old age expect financial problems, dependence on the care of others and the fact that they will be a nuisance. As such, insurance for long-term care is thus the most attractive insurance - according to data from 2022, 69% of respondents would generally welcome it and 53% of respondents expressed interest in it. Long-term care should include both field and mobile social services or provision of a place in the facility, as well as counseling.

A short illness or loss of income no longer scares us

On the contrary, there was a change in short-term loss of income and incapacity for work. While in 2022 these risks occupied the 4th or 5th place in the ranking, when 56% of respondents feared them, this year they rank 9th and 7th with 44%, respectively. 46%. "Concerns about these risks have been accelerated by the covid pandemic. Now this risk has disappeared and the perception of these factors is returning to its former values," explains Jana Hamanova from the research agency SC&C, which conducted the survey for the Czech Association of Insurance Companies.

In the long term, concerns about the unavailability of quality care are growing

"As part of the survey, one can observe growing concerns in the area of ​​the availability of quality care, which is also largely related to the covid pandemic, when medical facilities were overwhelmed, and the public became uncertain in this direction. In addition, mentions of the lack of dentists, pediatricians or general practitioners have recently resonated in the public space, and of course this also affects the perception of the availability of health care," adds Jana Hamanova. While in 2021, 43% of respondents were worried about the unavailability of quality healthcare, in 2023 it is already 53%. "From our surveys, the long-term interest of the Czechs in additional care that would increase the current standard of our healthcare emerges. And even according to current data, this trend is still strengthening," concludes Jan Matousek.