Czechs lost ~EUR 70 million last year due to uninsured fires

28 August 2023 — Andrei VICTOR
In 2022, firefighters went to almost 21 thousand fires with a total damage of almost CZK 5.3 billion (~EUR 220 million). But, according to an analysis conducted by the Czech Association of Insurance Companies, only a quarter of them were insured. As a result, more than CZK 1.7 billion (EUR 70 million) could have been paid out by insurers.

On the one hand, there were 5,307 fire insurance claims with a total insured loss of CZK 3.6 billion (EUR 150 million), on the other hand, another 15.5 thousand fires for CZK 1.7 billion, which were not insured.

"It would seem that, according to the current analysis, the coverage in case of fire is only around 25%. According to various statistics, property insurance for citizens reaches 55%, for companies it will be even significantly more. The reason for this difference is the large number of fires in which firefighters intervene, but no major damage occurs. Typically, these can be fires, grass, waste or other alarms where there is no real damage or only minimal damage," says Petr Jedlicka, analyst of the Czech Association of Insurance Companies.