DGTAL and SCOR launch a pilot to use the DRILLER platform in disability claims assessment

27 March 2024 — Daniela GHETU
The German operations of global reinsurer SCOR will explore how to take advantage of DGTAL’s AI-powered platform DRILLER and its claims assessment function. A first pilot will be launched for the assessment of disability claims starting in April 2024. 

DRILLER is an AI-powered portfolio tool designed to develop and display a contextual understanding across a wide array of cases and documents. This application allows users to sift through massive volumes of data to identify patterns, trends, and insights, thereby facilitating a more nuanced and comprehensive analysis for decision-makers. It is the flagship solution of DGTAL and unique within the insurance industry.

Arndt Gossmann, DGTAL's CEO, states: “The insurance business is document-heavy and therefore it will benefit tremendously from AI. I am impressed by SCOR’s commitment as a reinsurer to be among those that aim to take advantage early. And I am looking forward to working with the SCOR team to make this happen.”

SCOR will be the first reinsurer to pilot the next DRILLER release, which will provide a full contextual understanding of key documents and full claims files with the ambition to significantly shorten assessment time and improve quality. In combination with already existing DRILLER functionalities, incoming cases will be presented “ready-for-human-decision” and learnings from the portfolio will be safeguarded. With the implementation of DRILLER, SCOR anticipates a significant acceleration in claims assessments as well as enhanced accuracy and speed.

SCOR is one of the leading reinsurance companies in the world, offering its clients a full spectrum of reinsurance solutions and comprehensive services across all facets of risk management. 

Collaborating with DGTAL and utilizing DRILLER, SCOR recognizes the great potential for leveraging AI to improve claims management. DRILLER represents a paradigm shift in insurance document audit and processing, blending automation and human expertise to overcome limitations and address a variety of simpler tasks. This ensures that people, the most valuable asset of a company, can focus on more meaningful and human-centric activities. 

Thomas Trompetter, SCOR Head of Client Services Central Europe, comments: “Claims management is very complex in disability insurance and AI solutions certainly have the potential to play a significant role in the long-term profitability of insurance portfolios in the coming years. Digitalization of processes and increased efficiency in claims assessment are essential. In future, we would like to be able to better utilize the resources available with the support of AI.”