ESG IN INSURANCE Conference: insurers’ and IORP’s investments in the race for improving sustainability  

28 March 2024 — XPRIMM Teams

To meet the EU’s climate targets and help speed up society’s transition to a net-zero economy, investments in sustainable activities are needed. As long-term investors with an overall balance sheet measured in tens of trillions of Euro, insurers and IORPs have an important role to play. The ESG IN INSURANCE Conference will explore this topic from various perspectives. 

While IORPs overall balance sheet totals around EUR 2.5 trillion, while European insurers’ investment portfolio is exceeding EUR 11 trillion. As such, both insurers and pension funds can play a significant role in putting our economies on a more sustainable track. 

According to the latest EIOPA factsheet, a total of 4.5% of the pension funds’ investments are currently aligned with the EU Taxonomy, while another 26.1% are eligible for alignment, is the most recent finding of the EIOPA’s factsheet. Looking at corporate bonds in the scope, 9% meet the criteria for alignment while 42% are eligible. The figures are lower for equity investments, with 1% aligned and 15% eligible.  

The conference speakers will review the best practices and strategies in insurers’ and pension funds’ investments, will share their view on future evolution and challenges. 

The full conference agenda is now available online. 

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