ESTONIA: in 2023, traffic insurance cases caused by taxis resulted in a total loss of EUR 2.2 million

17 April 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the statistics of the Estonian Traffic Fund (LKF), last year, app taxis caused twice as many traffic insurance cases as regular taxis and seven times more than other passenger cars.

According to Mart Jesse, chairman of the LKF board, app taxis are more dangerous in traffic than regular taxis. "If regular taxis caused three times more accidents than passenger cars last year, app taxis caused almost seven times more accidents than regular vehicles. Our statistics show that the risk level of regular taxis decreases every year, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for app taxis", said Jesse.

According to the register of economic activities, nearly 7,000 taxis were registered last year, of which 5,440 were app taxis.

The chairman of the LKF board emphasized that the situation in app taxis is worrying. "It would be appropriate for platforms to pay more attention to the traffic behavior of their drivers. Also, the time has probably come for the state authorities to review the regulations regarding taxis, to ensure they meet society's expectations regarding road safety", he added.

In 2023, 1,030 traffic insurance cases were caused by taxis, with a total loss of EUR 2.2 million and an average loss of EUR 2,180, according to the LKF.