Estonia: 1 of 5 guilty drivers involved in parking accidents are leaving the scene

31 December 2021 — Andrei Victor
According to the data published by the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (LKF), during the first eleven months of 2021 there were reported about 29 thousand traffic accidents related to Motor TPL policies with a total loss of EUR 51 million. Of this total, about 11 thousand are parking accidents, with a total loss of EUR 12 million, with an average damage per claim file of EUR 1,085.

According to Mart JESSE, LKF CEO, in case of parking accidents it often happens that the guilty driver to leave the place and to meet later much bigger problems: "... leaving the scene may result in a recovery from the insurer in addition to the fine issued by the police".

Of all traffic insurance cases, parking accidents account for 39 percent, rear-end collisions for 17 percent and collisions at intersections for 14 percent.

A survey conducted this summer by local insurer If Kindlustus showed that 20 percent of those who caused a parking accident are fleeing the place.

"Many people probably don't yet understand why they have to register an accident. The person who caused the parking accident will have to pay twenty euros more for MTPL insurance next year, but the fugitive will also have to pay all the damages together with the police fine; thus the total amount can reach thousands of euros",explained Taavi KRUUS, Manager, Motor Insurance, If Kindlustus.

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