Estonia: Pipe leaks generate one third of home insurance claims

29 April 2021 — Andrei Victor
According to the EKsL statistics (Association of Estonian Insurance Companies), last year, local insurers settled about 30 thousand home insurance claims, about one third of them being caused by pipe leaks.

Thus, EKsL pointed out in a statement that there were 9,070 claims related to pipe leaks, with a total loss of EUR 13.3 million. The number of claims related to pipe leaks has increased by almost 75 percent in the last three years.

According to Ulli Reimets, head of EKsL's Damage Prevention Department, pipe leaks claims have increased in both: new buildings and older residential buildings. "In new buildings, pipe leaks appear due to installation defects for up to five years after construction. There are serious problems with buildings whose pipeline life expired. Pipes installed more than 50 years ago should definitely be replaced".

Last year, Estonian insurers concluded 240,000 home insurance contracts. Of these, 60% include TPL coverage.

Overall, last year, insurers paid EUR 33 million in home insurance benefits, 8% more than a year earlier, EKsL announced here.

Fire was one of the biggest causes for the reported damages, last year, more than 400 fires occurring in insured homes, with a total loss of EUR 8 million, representing in average amount per damage of almost EUR 20 k.

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