Estonia: the hot summer heats up insurers' claims operations

29 July 2021 — Daniela GHETU
This year's hot summer has had its impact on the nation's insurers, some of whom have reported a rise in claims over damages not only relating to storms, but also directly and indirectly to hot weather in general, including traffic accidents and damage to personal items cause by the heat, Estonian ERR information websites reports.

According to market representatives quoted by ERR," while the number of storms is similar (ed. as compared with previous years), the number of households affected and the amount of claims paid out has risen". On the hand, heatwaves of unprecedented intensity cause several types of damages - from wildfires, to damaged goods or health problems that may lead, in turn, to road accidents, especially for those travelling on two wheels.

In addition, as many of the summer storm were accompanied lately by strong thunderstorm episodes, the incidence of power outages, while thunders have caused damages to home items such as set-top boxes, TVs and other appliances.

Overall, while Estonia is situated in a geographical area usually spared by natural disasters, which made the country not face major hurricanes, wild fires or floods, in the recent years the occurrence of several extreme weather events may indicate that climate change may have an impact on Estonia also. While customers seem more preoccupied with NatCat risks, insurers should prepare to face them more often.

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