Euroins Insurance Group successfully evacuated its employees and their relatives from Ukraine to Bulgaria

23 March 2022 — Daniela GHETU
A group of 80 Ukrainian citizens - mostly women and children, as well as elderly people - employees of Euroins Insurance Group (EIG) and their relatives has been successfully evacuated by EIG from Ukraine and already arrived in Bulgaria, in good health and physical condition, the Group has announced.

The Ukrainian citizens are accommodated in a holiday village on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where they are provided with shelter, food and medical care. Some of the evacuated employees continue to perform their official duties remotely in a fully equipped conference hall.

The group's evacuation from Ukraine was carried out in the first half of March. During the operation that lasted more than two days, Ukrainian citizens and their families received support from both Bulgarian and Romanian EIG's officials, who provided the necessary assistance in crossing the Ukrainian-Romanian and Bulgarian-Romanian borders. All EIG's employees in Ukraine who wished to leave the country were evacuated.

The management of the group expresses its gratitude for the assistance provided to the Bulgarian and Romanian divisions of the group - Euroins Bulgaria and Euroins Romania, as well as to the management of the holiday village where the refugee families are staying.

EIG owns two companies in Ukraine - Euroins Ukraine and European Travel Insurance. At year-end 2021, the assets of the two Ukrainian subsidiaries formed about 2.4% of EIG's total assets and less than 1.3% of those of Eurohold, and their total premium income is nearly 3% of all insurance revenues.