Euroins Romania moves headquarters in a smart, top ecological building in the Northern business district of Bucharest

2 February 2022 — Daniela GHETU
Euroins Romania's headquarter moved to new premises, in an almost 2,400 sqm office floor located in J8 Office Park in Bucharest. The new office space allows the company the continuation of the recruitment of specialists that will add to the 300 employees of Euroins in Bucharest.

The new headquarters also allows new investments to digitize the company, upgrade of the online apps for customers to open claims files and new technologies that allow a faster internal flow of document processing, which further shortens payment times. The new office of Euroins will function as the operational and business headquarter of the company, while at the old office Euroins will keep its claims and customer service center. The steps for the change of the registered office started since the end of last year, and the change was processed and registered by the Trade Register.

"Our new office in Bucharest is another milestone reached for our transformational plan which started in 2021. We have come a long way in just a year. Our new company culture and values are more and more recognizable in our way of working, both externally and internally. We chose this new modern office park because it perfectly reflects these values, is environmentally friendly and fits perfectly to our corporate, as well as our employee's needs and wellbeing. In the last year we have substantially increased our team, and this growth will continue with the new insurance products we have, with the increased attention we offer on the customer service side. In addition, we continue to develop our online infrastructure, and these investments in technology were easier to implement in a new home.", stated Tanja BLATNIK, CEO of Euroins Romania.

The setup of Euroins office space was designed to ensure a modern working environment adapted to the current requirements and trends of the labor market, with mixed work - physical presence and telework. Also, there is a focus on collaboration among the employees. The new Euroins office is in a smart-building Class A type - which corresponds to high standards from the perspective of security and equipment, health control, low environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance. J8 Office Park was chosen by Euroins also for its accessibility, as this new office park is located in the north area of the capital, close to the metro.

"The new headquarters of the company is a place that truly represents us and tells the story of who we are. The entire design was made with the purpose of achieving a comfortable, well organized and safe work environment, with a modern layout and harmonious aesthetics, heightening the power of our team. Such a thing is important because in our company we stand indeed as team of skillful, dedicated professionals, with strong values and to us Euroins is more than just a workplace. Our new home strengthens and gives substance to our organizational culture and proves the company's commitment to the most important of all resources: the people.", stated Monica SARBU, Head of Human Resources Euroins Romania.

The company also invested in a new technological network, with fast servers and modern and performant IT equipment to support Euroins app through which customers can open their damage files online.

From the perspective of health safety conditions, the new headquarter has ventilation system that introduces 100% fresh air, without the air being recirculated. It ensures conditions for capturing 99.99% of the microscopic particles. From the perspective of environmental impact, the facade of the building is covered with a recyclable material. The building also uses renewable energy, as the hot water is provided by a system of solar panels.

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