FIAR 2017: What to expect and how to adapt to the regulatory challenges in the European insurance landscape

13 April 2017 — Daniela GHETU
fiar_120Given the ongoing "regulatory storm" throughout the last years, insurers are still keeping an eye on forthcoming changes to the regulatory framework within which they must operate. And they are not just a few mild corrections, but significant changes which may seriously challenge insurers' capacity to adapt and simultaneously evolve.

While Solvency II regulatory framework brings benefits, several issues must be addressed, says a recent statement released by the European re/insurers' federation, Insurance Europe. The many layers of conservativeness built into the design of Solvency II and its tendency to treat insurers like traders instead of long-term investors could harm consumers, long-term investment and the economy.

Some of the IDD features are also seen as highly challenging for the industry, while the "story" is far from reaching an end, with the regulatory bodies just acknowledging that the rapid digitalization is already creating an entire range of completely aspects which need proper regulation.

The "International Market Trends" Conference at FIAR 2017 will dedicate its main session to the regulatory changes in Europe, their present and potential effects, as well as to the future perspectives in the area. The main speakers on the regulatory topics are:
  • Michael BRANDSTETTER, EU & International Affairs, VVO - Austrian Insurance Association
  • Lenka de MAURO, Deputy Head of Office, GDV - German Insurance Association - European Office
  • Marco PODESTA, Head of Strategy and Business Development, GENERALI CEE
  • Juan - Ramon PLA, Secretary General, BIPAR, Managing Director, Corporation de Mediadores de Seguros, Spain, Member of IRSG , EIOPA
FIAR - THE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE-REINSURANCE FORUM stands as the most important CEE & CIS spring event dedicated to the insurance, reinsurance and private pensions markets. Reaching its 20th Edition, FIAR gathers representatives of all major European insurance and reinsurance companies.

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