FIAR 2019: Brokers Conference - Part II

21 May 2019 — Andreea RADU, Bianca CIOCOTISAN
The professional training of insurance professionals and how new digital tools can be used by agents to sell insurance policies were among the topics discussed during the second part of the Brokers Conference from FIAR 2019 - the International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum.

Some of the speakers from the second part of the conference:
  • Calin RANGU, Director, ASF
  • Catalin CAMPEANU, Deputy General Manager, ISF
  • Otilia MIHAI, President PRBAR Academy
  • Marius LASLO, Executive Director, DESTINE Broker
  • Stefan PRIGOREANU, CEO, Millenium Insurance Broker
  • Prof. Karel Van HULLE, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium and Goethe University, Frankfurt
  • Maria RANGELOVA, CEO, CertAsig Romania
  • Victor SRAER, Board Member, Head of International Affairs and Technology, UNSICAR & CEO OTTO Broker
  • Florian GABA, General Manager, PROFIDUCIARIA
Participants in the Brokers Conference received 2 training credits from ISF - Institute of Financial Studies, according to the new IDD requirements. The event was supported by OMNIASIG VIG, as Main Partner, as well as DESTINE Broker, CertAsig, ASIROM VIG, BROADSPIRE and ERGO, as Partners.

(Part I of the conference can be found here)


Deputy General Manager, ISF - Financial Studies Institute

  • Regulation has forced us to make some changes in a very short time. We woke up in the rain and had to open the umbrella very quickly. We are working on an occupational profile, together with the market and professional associations, to develop these occupational profiles
  • Based on profiles, the following competency-based manual will be developed and the chapters will be developed to answer to these competences
  • The fact that people still do not know what to do with credits is still an argument for the need for professional training
  • Professional training is good, it is useful and we should use these regulations as an opportunity to prepare

Calin RANGU,
Director, ASF

  • Continuous professional training is required for life, in general, not necessarily for ASF
  • The concept of life-long learning is important to each of us, we live in a society of change and we must always be aware of information, knowledge, know-how
  • The financial market is one of trust and people have to be trained to win the trust of the client
  • The Romanian vocational training system is, fortunately, 6-7 years old, so it was not a novelty to come up with IDD
  • The impact of regulation will be seen later in the activity of control, supervision, customer relationship, increasing the confidence of clients and also increasing the degree of insurance sales in GDP
  • The distributor handbook is good for the historic moment, but, from the point of view of the professional standards we want to get with training, it is an intermediate step
  • The next step would be defining the occupational standard. There are 3 occupational standards for 3 insurance positions

Otilia MIHAI,
President, PRBAR Academy Romania

  • You can not activate and be professional if you do not inform yourself and you are not aware of all the changes
  • People are very comfortable and I refer to all insurance intermediaries, not just to the middle or top management of the market, but to the big table
  • We are professional, we help people protect themselves from certain risks that can occur, we can not play. We really have to overcome these barriers and get everyone to be constantly informed
  • There is some fear for this novelty and change and we have had discussions that they are scared that they will fail the first exam

Marius LASLO,
Executive Director, DESTINE Broker

  • The provision on vocational training is in the consumer's interest. You can not go to sell insurance to a consumer without telling him what it covers, without knowing his needs
  • The hope I have in the future from the Authority is to bring the legislation into a final and predictable form, not to always change the procedures and the form of examination
  • We are aware that we must have trained people who can learn the needs of our customers
  • People are reluctant to change

CEO, Millenium Insurance Broker

  • Positive aspects of the vocational training standard:
    • I am aware that we're passing from a formal training, like the one in the last 6-7 years, to a background training
    • The ISF online platform is a great thing. Many people in the country will be exempt from time, expense, unnecessary roads, just to pass an exam
  • Negative aspects of the vocational training standard:
    • We did not have a very good collaboration with the ASF, strictly on the training side. We asked for things that were likely to immunize the system and raise the level of professional training, but these were not found in the norm
    • My concern is for colleagues in remote areas of the country, some have only 12 classes, some are part-time insurers, and I think it would be wise to imagine, in a negative scenario, what we would do if we had a 30% advancement. We must think about doing something, otherwise we could remain without sellers

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