FIAR 2019: Health & Life Insurance Conference - Main statements

20 May 2019 — Andreea RADU
Health & Life Insurance Conference from FIAR 2019 brought in the spotlight the main trends from Romanian insurance market of health and life insurance segments. Here you can find the main statements.

Some of the discussed subjects were the development potential of health insurance in Romania and the necessary regulations for this line of business, as well as life insurance evolution.


Cristian ROSU, Vice President, ASF
Dan DOBRE, Commercial Director, SIGNAL IDUNA
Paul SWOBODA, President of Directorate, GRAWE Romania
Adrian GORAN, Life Health & Pensions Department Manager, DESTINE Broker

The event was supported by GRAWE Romania, SIGNAL IDUNA, BCR Asigurari de Viata si ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Asigurari as event partners.


Cristian ROSU,
Vicepresident, ASF

  • Private health insurance can cumulate and bring a very big volume of capital, both in public and private environment as well. The public health system has always been under attention for financing shortages. Private health insurance can cover these deficiencies.
  • Insurers have enough potential to develop solid health insurance portfolios.
  • Private hospitals and facilities have just begun to see the importance of these insurance products, up until now focusing only on subscriptions. Thus, private health insurance comes as a supplementary funding for them.
  • In 2018, private health insurance expanded by 60%. However, the market weight of this business line is still low, and the number of insurers providing health insurance in Romania is small as well.
  • There is a fear in market players that health insurance will replace MTPL. In present, there is no danger for this to happen. I would like to see health segment overtake MTPL in volume, but the most important thing is the customer satisfaction and the quality of services.

General Manager, ALLIANZ-TIRIAC Asigurari

  • I enjoy the attention health insurance has, because it is the youngest member of the insurance forms family, which grows very fast and it is important to grow well
  • Health insurance can not exist without a healthy partnership with healthcare providers, because we offer financial solutions for financial problems, we do not provide medical services. For this, we need to get in a partnership with healthcare providers, not just private, but also state-owned
  • As the private healthcare industry grows in relevance and manages more and more important amounts, it can be a contributor to what the public state system means, the money managed in the private state system is extended to the public system
  • Insurers may indirectly get involved in the endowment of state hospitals. If the state hospital can issue an invoice to be reimbursed by the insurer, which it can not do at this time, then that supplementary source of income can replace his equipment and improve customer experience
  • We do not set a goal in financing the state system, but the fact that today I do not have this possibility can be sad for the patient who would like to use a private policy to benefit the services in the state hospital. There are private hospitals that do not manage complex cases like public state hospitals and then there is no satisfaction of the patient, who often does not look for the clinic, is looking for a doctor

Director Comercial, SIGNAL IDUNA

  • The collaboration with private clinics is great. I think private medical centers have been very good in recent years. Now we are talking about centers of excellence, about very good investors, both in infrastructure, access, but especially in medical technology and doctors
  • How should this relationship look like? It should also be based on the dialogue we have and this dialogue certainly starts from the patient's need. We can imagine together how the policies will look in the future
  • Without a good, predictable legal framework, without proper taxation, without supervision, we obviously have no chance of developing the segment. And without a real and identifiable need of the patient we can not exist. In vain, we make the best products in our insurers' eyes, if for the client those products mean nothing. Here, language, which sometimes is too technical, must become accessible to everyone, the patient understands the risk, medical pathologies found in products etc.
  • We reimburse those bills that state hospitals issue. There are few hospitals that offer this option

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