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XPRIMM News FIAR Special Edition, May 23, 2012

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FIAR Special Edition, May 23, 2012
FIAR 2012
FIAR May 23  
viata_sanatate_fiar2012_100A new day at FIAR 2012
by, 2012-05-23
Surrounded by the delightful music of Virgil POPESCU Band, the participants of FIAR - International Insurance - Reinsurance Forum 2012 enjoyed another networking evening, this time offered by SAFETY Broker, one of Romania's most dynamic insurance brokerage company.
"We are proud to be the Partners of this special evening and honored to have you here with us, attending an event that brings us together year after year, helping us define the industry trends, FIAR. Have a pleasant evening and enjoy this very important networking part offered to you by the traditional Forum in Sinaia", stated Viorel VASILE, Managing Partner, SAFETY Broker, in the opening speech.

dan_constantinescu_fiar2012_100The healthcare system: Good intentions must be turned into actual collaboration
by, 2012-05-23
The very poor shape of the Romanian healthcare system is no longer a secret, solutions emerge and vanish equally fast, but we are still waiting for some real measures. "Unfortunately, nothing happened these past years and everything remained at the level of good intentions. Indeed, the market experiences spectacular increases, but they are not very relevant, because their absolute volume is way below Romania's potential and size. Why? Because of the problems between the private and the public system. All we see is good intentions. The two systems cannot work together since private insurance can operate in the system only through complementary and supplementary insurance. We need a closer connection between the private and the public system with regard to healthcare services provision. But this is hard to do if public rates remain the same", stated Dan CONSTANTINESCU, Member of the Insurance Supervisory Commission (ISC) Council in the opening of the Life and Health Insurance Day at FIAR 2012.

sorin_berbece_fiar2012_100Sorin BERBECE: The Ministry of Health offers unconditional support for any private initiative aimed at improving healthcare services
by, 2012-05-23
"The Ministry of Health offers unconditional support for any private initiative aimed at improving healthcare services and public assistance in Romania. The Ministry plans to carry out a series of public consultation activities in the upcoming period by organizing 18 regional debates regarding the future healthcare law and the health insurance system. Improving the healthcare system and increasing its funding is the shared goal of the Ministry of Health and the insurers", stated Sorin BERBECE, Advisor of the Health Minister.

carmen_radu_fiar2012_100UNSAR submitted to the Ministry its first opinions and concrete proposals on the Health System Reform
by, 2012-05-23
"We have slightly moved forward. The Ministry of Health has shown openness to meet with us whenever needed. UNSAR (The National Union of Insurers and Reinsurers) has already sent its opinions and concrete proposals regarding the Health System Reform. Next week we will submit a new document, after being validated by the UNSAR members. We need to think of ourselves as customers or patients who can at any time access the system", according to Carmen RADU, Member of UNSAR's Executive Commitee.

florina_vizinteanu_fiar2012_100Florina VIZINTEANU: We cannot speak of health reforms until we know the stand of politicians
by, 2012-05-23
"One cannot speak of health reforms until one knows the stand of politicians. The reform to come must be made in such a way that we too, as life insurers, should be able to continue to operate in the optional health insurance area which, in any case, is closely connected to life insurance", Florina VIZINTEANU, President, BCR Asigurari de Viata declared.

theodor_alexandrescu_fiar2012_100Theodor ALEXANDRESCU: The financing method of the healthcare system is at the heart of this reform
by, 2012-05-23
"At the heart of this Reform lies the financing method of the healthcare system, which comes from insurance policies, be them compulsory or voluntary", according to Theodor ALEXANDRESCU, General Manager, ALICO Romania, speaking about the future provisions of the new Health Draft Law.
In the light of the draft laws being debated, the Manager of ALICO pointed out the discrimination between county health insurance houses and dedicated health insurance companies, between voluntary and compulsory health insurance. "It is difficult for both county health insurance houses and insurers to offer voluntary health insurance", underlined Theodor ALEXANDRESCU.
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