GDV: German insurers will assume damages cause by Ukrainian refugees' uninsured cars until 31 May

10 March 2022 — Daniela GHETU
"Damage caused by uninsured Ukrainian cars is therefore borne by the insurers operating in Germany," says GDV General Manager Joerg Asmussen, quoted by the German Insurers Association's website.

While driving in Germany is actually not allowed without valid insurance cover, be it the Green Card policy or a valid border insurance, refugees from the Ukraine may also come to Germany by car without having the required insurance documents. "In this humanitarian emergency, we want to help Ukrainian refugees to focus on the essential," Asmussen said. As such, in the event of an accident, German insurers decided to cover themselves the damage. Drivers of the Ukrainian cars need not fear recourse. This initiative of assumption of the damage will initially apply until May 31 of this year.

The German Office for the Green Card is responsible for regulation. Victims can go there after an accident. After an accident, injured parties are protected within the applicable minimum coverage amount. This is EUR 7.5 million for personal injury, EUR 1.22 million for property damage and EUR 50,000 for financial loss.