GIF 2017 Day 2, LONDON: Digitalization brings increased capabilities but also more vulnerability to the cyber attacks

20 July 2017 — Alexandru CIUNCAN
The fast increasing relevance of the cyber risks, as well as the disrupting effect that digitalization will have on the insurance industrymade the main topics of the "InsurTech: Innovating for Growth" panel. XPRIMM delegates at GIF 2017 have reported:

Londra6_-Matteo_Carbone_-_photoMatteo CARBONE, Connected Insurance Observatory
  • Cyber risks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the insurance industry will be facing
  • Insurance companies will have to change their business models from just paying claims to working together with the customers, sharing data, building new products etc.
Londra6-Tim_YeatesTim YEATS, AXCO
  • Finding new ways to create more trusted linkes between our future industry and those who might need our services (better information and education about insurance and advisory services well beyond financial compensation) is where we need to concentrate our efforts
  • We need to change the relationship between consumers and insurers by combining risk management services and insurance by offering seamless services.
The 2017 edition of the Global Insurance Forum, an industry benchmark event organized by IIS- the International Insurance Society, has started on 17 July in London and will close on 19 July. XPRIMM supports the Forum as Media Partner.

GIF 2017 presents a rich agenda, reviewing the main trends in the industry as well as the its future opportunities and threats and the new ways in which insurance providers may and will have to engage in increasing society's resilience.

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