Generali has won the 2020 "Oscar di Bilancio" for its Annual Report

3 December 2020 — Alexandra GUZUN
2020 "Oscar di Bilancio" has been awarded to Milan-Generali for its 2019 Annual Integrated Report due to its clarity, methodological rigour and transparency.

Moreover, Generali Group was well appreciated also for the innovative and comprehensive approach in "fully integrating non-financial information (Non-Financial Statement), making the document easy to read, with a perfect balance between necessary details and conciseness. The 2019 Annual Integrated Report highlights the key points of the NFS, referring to specific documents or other sections of the Report itself for additional details, with an effective 'Core and More' approach" according to a press release.

The "Oscar di Bilancio", a prestigious award presented by FERPI (Italian Federation of Public Relations), has reached its 56th edition and has been broadcasted online. Its aim is to award companies that stand out the most for the disclosure of their activities through the annual report, sharing the results and objectives with their stakeholders.

The Generali Group CFO, Cristiano Borean, commented:

"We are very proud of this award, which confirms our commitment to report on the Group's sustainable value creation, with an integrated view that brings together financial and non-financial performance. Our Annual Integrated Report is also an essential tool to demonstrate with transparency to all our stakeholders the progress on the Generali 2021 strategic plan, as well as the role as Lifetime Partner to our customers."

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