Hungarian insurers take over most of the Ukrainian border insurance fee

21 March 2022 —
Due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, MABISZ - the Association of Hungarian Insurers informed it has taken initiative towards Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country by car.

Thus, Ukrainian registered vehicles arriving in Hungary should have a Green Card policy issued by their insurer certifying the existence of compulsory motor insurance cover.

In the absence of this, those arriving in Hungary have to take out the border insurance policy, the normal tariff for which would be HUF 90,000 for a month (~EUR 240.00).

"In the chaotic situation following the war, the domestic insurers will take over the most of the premium and will provide coverage for those arriving in Hungary by car for a symbolic amount of HUF 1,000 per month (~EUR 4.00), until the current state of emergency persists", MABISZ informed here.