IIF 2018 - Insurance in a DIGITAL WORLD

5 November 2018 — Daniela GHETU
Emmanuel DJENGUE, Innovation Director, Europe - RGAX, Spain is the Keynote Speaker at IIF 2018 - Insurance in a DIGITAL WORLD Conference in Bucharest, on November 27.

The fast digitalization of the world financial services providers', and in particular in the insurance field, is both creating huge opportunities and strong challenges for the industry players. Moreover, on both sides, the landscape is in a continuous transformation, which means that being successful requires at least a permanent adaptation effort, if not a move to join the avant-garde of change.

Thus, with a close look at the recent developments in the industry, Insurance in the DIGITAL World Conference, will focus on the following topics:

  • New technologies & Digitalization of the businesses in the financial industry - between fashionable trend and disruptors
  • Digitalization and the regulatory environment - the cost of compliance and of non-compliance
  • Steps towards a digital insurance world - the impact of new technologies on sales, underwriting and claims management
  • IoT - Internet of Things & UBI - Usage-Based Insurance
  • Telematics - the way forward for motor insurance?
  • Is Big Data a potential risk or an opportunity for consumers and undertakings?
Key benefits of attending

  • Find out what are the views of the most relevant players in the financial and re/insurance industry
  • Prepare for the changes that new technologies will bring in your business
  • Find out how different players have already succeeded in improving results in different areas of their operations, but also in providing customers a better experience
  • Find out about the most performant informatic tools for portfolio analysis and management streamline
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