Insurance governance and distribution: two aspects that need to be radically changed in order for the private health insurance segment to grow in Romania

22 May 2017 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
"Personally, I believe that the public health system is a partner, not a competitor, but it mainly offers only social assistance", Sorin MITITELU, President, BCR Asigurari de Viata VIG, declared during the Health & Life Insurance Conference at FIAR 2017.

He pointed out that there is a slow, but visible growth, of the financing sources in the private health area: "this is generated exclusively either by patients, or by private health insurance policies or health services on subscription basis".

"Statistics show that employees prefer, as main benefit, not financial bonuses, but life or health insurance policies or health services based on subscriptions", Sorin MITITELU pointed out.

"The consumers' satisfaction regarding the public health system is low: this is the reality and we need to be pragmatic. Even if the Government will increase the public health system's budget, this will not change: it's a system that works by bad laws, so it will not produce benefic effects", he added.

"We need a new national model, we need a different perspective, as well as entities and companies that promote new principles. The principle of an efficient governance must be the basis for every system and every entity - insurance company, health institution, or brokerage company. We don't have to reinvent things all over again, there are models available in public and private systems", Sorin MITITELU explained.

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