Insurance in a digital world and the latest trends on the insurance market, analyzed during the first day of conferences of FIAR 2018

14 May 2018 — Cristian SUCA
After the traditional Welcome Cocktail taking place on 13 May, the 21st edition of the International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum continues today with two top-notch conferences and multiple bilateral meetings. The Official Opening of FIAR 2018 and the XPRIMM Reinsurance Awards Gala also take place today.

Thus, FIAR 2018 participants are invited, in the first part of the day, between 09.00 - 13.30, at the INSURANCE MARKET TRENDS Conference. The event, structured in two parts, will analyze in the first part topics such as: changing insurance landscape; the CEE markets in the European insurance landscape; mutual insurance as a concept - main stakeholders' benefits of this insurance type; EU Legislative Update - 2018, the year of major legislation challenges.

The second part brings topics such as: Romania - sustainable development for a growing and stable insurance market; 2018 - new foundations for a sustainable growth; insurance in Romania, whereto? - Challenges and opportunities for the local insurers. Also, the INSURANCE MARKET TRENDS Conference brings two interactive panels. With Michael THEILMEIER - Senior Vicepresident, GEN Re -, and Daniela GHETU - Editorial Director, XPRIMM Publications -, in the chair, the conference has Keynote Speakers such as:
  • Michael THEILMEIER - Senior Vicepresident, GEN Re;
  • Michael BRANDSTETTER - EU & International Affairs, VVO - Austrian Insurance Association;
  • Gorazd CIBEJ - Director, AZN - Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia;
  • Catherine HOCK - Vicepresident International Relations, ICMIF - International Cooperative Mutual Insurance Federation;
  • Cornel COCA CONSTANTINESCU - Vicepresident, Insurance Sector, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority, Romania;
  • Valentin IONESCU - Director, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority, Romania;
  • Alexandra SMEDOIU - Vicepresident, CFA Romania.

The second part of the day brings to FIAR 2018, between 14.30 - 18.00, the INSURANCE IN A DIGITAL WORLD Conference. Also structured in two parts, the conference is moderated by Tudor GALOS - Senior Digital Transformation Consultant, Romania -, si Alexandru CIUNCAN - Secretary General, APPA, and brings on topics like: digitalization - between a fashionable hype and a disruptor; risks & opportunities of digitalization for both industry and consumers; case studies and best practices - BigData & IoT, BlockChain, Peer-to-Peer, AI; Romanian examples of successful InsurTech players.

Well-known speakers who will participate at the event include:
  • Michael THEILMEIER - Senior Vicepresident, GEN Re;
  • Cees WERFF - CEO, CCN - Claims Corporation Network, Netherlands;
  • Calin RANGU - Vice-chairman, Committee of InsurTech Task Force, EIOPA | Director, Intermediaries, Supervision and Monitoring Rules of Conduct Department, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority, Romania;
  • Yasmine NOURI - Senior Actuary, GENERALI, Italia;
  • Ioana GHERMAN - Data Scientist, GENERALI, Italia;
  • Victor SRAER - Managing Partner, OTTO Broker, Romania;
  • Razvan PAVEL - General Director, autoDNA, Romania;
  • Alexandra DURBACA - Executive Director, LEADER TEAM, Romania;
  • Daniel JINGA - Founder, TPA 2.0 | Leader Team Broker Partner, Romania;
  • Valeriu FILIP - General Manager, I-TOM Solutions, Romania.
During the entire day, the coffee breaks and business lunch are offered by MIILI Re, Main Partner of FIAR 2018.

Throughout the day, FIAR's participants will also have the opportunity to experiment, together with their colleagues, a virtual reality experience at the Virtual Reality Corner, offered by VR Center. Unlike the normal individual VR experiences, VR Center offers the users the possibility to interact with their teammates directly inside the VR world.

After the conferences, the participants are invited to attend the Official Opening of FIAR 2018 and the XPRIMM Reinsurance Awards Gala - the traditional ceremony that awards those who, during the year, have been remarkable for their outstanding performance. The events are offered by ERGO Asigurari.

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