Assen CHRISTOV, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, EUROHOLD Bulgaria

EUROINS Insurance Group has become one of the biggest players in the insurance market, especially in South-eastern Europe where we operate predominantly. Last year our revenue was around one billion euro, and the assets of the group grew to EUR 1.2 billion. We are operating now in Greece, Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, and Georgia. We have operations in Italy and Spain, and we are looking for expansion in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to be close to the countries we are already presented


There is no confidence without trust, there is no trust without transparency and there is no transparency without intellectually honest communication. Our industry is highly technical and very complex. Technical complexities might generate different interpretations and assessments of the risk. Over and beyond numbers, you need honest, non-bureaucratic dialogue to assess the risk and protect people. Irrespective of market conditions, industry consolidations, companies restructuring or political seasons, our dialogue has to be transparent, continuous, and above all well-intended.

Elisabeth STADLER, General Manager (CEO), Chairwoman of the Managing Board

The task of managing the largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe is a particularly exciting challenge, especially a listed company, where the capital market and its immediate reactions have to be taken into account in all the considerations, statements and actions. [...] It is our goal to be among the top 3 in the CEE markets by the end of 2025. In addition to Austria, we are now the market leader in our immediate neighbors Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary.

Interview with Alexandru CIUNCAN, President & General Director, UNSAR

Among our priorities, for the next period is to increase Romanians' confidence in the insurance industry by intensifying financial education actions - a strategic pillar for us, where in recent years we have been making sustained efforts, especially aimed at young people, especially in the digital area.

Mira Kiridzic-Bügler, Market Head ACEE, Swiss Re

Clearly, we are all facing many challenges at the same time: high inflation, climate change, natural catastrophes, supply chain issues, etc. Nonetheless, we will consider individual circumstances by market and by client, and together we will find the best solution for our clients' needs.


Aldagi is the first company in Georgia to incorporate segment and data-based approaches into its tariff policy. We have already taken the first steps to offer other insurance companies to have their risks reinsured with Aldagi. We see a real opportunity to go beyond Georgia and extend the range of our activities in the region.

Volodimir SHEVCHENKO, MTIBU General Director

I am cautiously optimistic about the MTPL sector's evolution in the future. The reason for optimism is that from the first day of the war the MTIBU and the MTPL insurers did not stop working to ensure that all road users had reliable insurance coverage. We act with faith in victory: we see our task not only in maintaining the availability and continuity of the process of concluding contracts and making MTPL insurance payments in the war conditions, but also in developing the market and services for car owners. Several steps have been made in this direction.

Dinara TEZEKBAEVA, Chairman of the Board, INGOSSTRAKH, Kyrgyzstan

Closed Insurance Joint Stock Company "Ingosstrakh" was founded in 1996. For 20 years, Ingosstrakh has been providing quality insurance services and is the leading company in the Kyrgyz Republic. Dinara TEZEKBAEVA, Chairman of the Board, answered some questions about the results of the company's work last year. 


As in previous years reinsurers are struggling with macroeconomy, including investment environment. Yet, the market further progressed in the period of "THE GREAT UNCERTAINTY"

VIDEO: Interview with Marijan MUMDZIEV, CEO, AMODO

Insurance consumers' preferences are now shaped by the other industries, insurance providers being compared not only to their peers but to whoever sets the benchmark for a great experience in their lives, believed Marijan MUMDZIEV, CEO, AMODO. In the interview given to XPRIMM he talked about the role digital technologies play in enabling insurers to provide their customers the best possible experience.

Mira Kiridzic-Bugler,Market Head ACEE (Austria, Central & Eastern Europe)
Christian Kreutzer, Market Head & Transactions Lead, Northern, Central & Eastern Europe

The insurance protection gap is a worldwide topic. In CEE countries, salary level and missing trust in insurance are additional factors that contribute to a low insurance penetration. Raising public awareness for the value of insurance is an important task that we are working on closely together with our clients. I also expect that the demand for insurance will grow, as we will experience such events more frequently in the future. On the other side, insurance products need to become simpler and easier to understand with short and transparent conditions.