Isabelle FLUCKIGER and Matteo CARBONE are the guests of the forthcoming edition of XPRIMM TIME FOR BUSINESS International Show

4 March 2021 — team
XPRIMM TIME FOR BUSINESS will be LIVE on Wednesday, March 10 at 16.00 EEST for a new online show which will point out the transforming traditional insurance risk transfer to technology-driven risk reduction and prevention services.

The guests speakers are:

  • Isabelle FLUCKIGER, Program Director New Technologies and Data, The Geneva Association
  • Matteo CARBONE, Founder and Director, IoT Insurance Observatory
Host: Daniela GHETU, Editorial Director, XPRIMM Publications

The show will present the latest Geneva Association's research on the inevitable paradigm shift from the traditional risk transfer (ex post payment of the claim) role of the industry to a synergic integration with the ex-ante loss prevention.

The Geneva Association is collaborating with the Insurance IoT Observatory to conduct the first research to address this new paradigm, looking at the global insurance industry across all lines of business, stages of maturity and applications along and beyond the insurance value chain. The two think tanks represent companies in 26 countries that manage USD17.9tn in assets; employ 2.6 million people; and protect 2 billion people.

The research initiative involves analysing best practices through nearly 100 hours of discussions and interviews with academics and the executives of more than 50 insurers, reinsurers, InsurTechs, tech companies, IoT technology providers and other institutions. Through this approach, researchers have gained an unfiltered and deep understanding of all the aspects of the learnings, and of the real success stories.

The Geneva Association's research will also elaborate on

  • the real goals of the business transformation journey
  • IoT insurance best practices to date, i.e. these are not futuristic or exotic ways to manage fluctuating premiums
  • the consistent focus of those interviewed on creating a better world, and thus, debunking common concerns that insurance IoT usage is equivalent to pricing discrimination
The report will provide recommendations to insurers, regulators and tech companies, including providers of IoT technology, to effectively adopt insurance IoT solutions, especially for real-time risk mitigation and for behavioral change programmes.

Stay online and follow us on our YouTube channel for the LIVE show on Wednesday, March 10 at 16.00 EEST.

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