José Manuel FONSECA, Brokerslink: Creating synergies to provide customers the best services

4 April 2024 — Daniela GHETU
José Manuel FONSECA, Brokerslink: Creating synergies to provide customers the best services

“The idea behind the creation of the Brokerslink network was to create a different way of doing international business, an alternative to the big global brokers, José Manuel FONSECA, President & CEO of Brokerslink explained for XPRIMM.

Visiting Bucharest on the occasion of Brokerslink’s annual European meeting 2024, José Manuel FONSECA has granted XPRIMM an exclusive interview. “Our network gathers entrepreneurial companies, independent insurance brokers, agile companies that put their customers’ interests in the center of their activity. In addition to insurance brokers, the network includes niche brokers specialized in very particular areas of the insurance business such as art insurance, events cancelling etc., asset valuation companies, legal counseling companies etc. Overall, we are creating a pool of competencies, providing for synergies aiming to better serve the customers’ interest,” he described Brokerslink business concept.

Brokerslink combines a global broking company and a worldwide broking network, encompassing independent partners and affiliates in 133 countries, with a total workforce exceeding 50,000 employees.

“We invest a lot in human relationships. I think we need to become friends as much as possible in order to work better. This is why we are meeting as often as possible,” FONSECA said. He explained the reasons for choosing Romania as the 2024 host country of Brokerlink’s annual meeting, emphasizing both his appreciation for Destine Broker, the Romanian partner in the network, as well as for the high potential and interests presented by the Romanian insurance market. “Brokerslink may be very supporting for the young markets in the CEE because we can help local professionals to access solutions or products yet not available in their own markets,” FONSECA stressed out.

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