KAFOLAT insurer was acknowledged as the best on the Uzbek capital market

15 March 2018 —
KAFOLAT insurance company won the annual competition "The best on the Uzbek capital market" based on its FY2017 result.

The main tasks of this annual competition are improvement of financial literacy, corporate management and business ethics, stimulation and maintenance of healthy competitive environment in the stock market, as well as improvement of the quality of financial services. Ensuring transparency of stock, bonds and other securities' trading, improvement of market pricing, using modern technologies, as well as implementation of modern methods of corporate management attract foreign direct investment and free funds of the population into the economy through the capital market.

Based on FY2017 result KAFOLAT is among TOP-5 insurers by GWP and claims, taking 4th place. During the last 10 years KAFOLAT doubled its GWP, it also keeps 2nd place by GWP in compulsory classes. As of today the company provides more than 100 of insurance services.

Uzbek insurance market is represented by 27 insurance companies. 23 of them showed in 2017 positive result of GWP.