KAZAKHSTAN: in March, insurance sector assets exceeded KZT 1.1 trillion (~EUR 2.58 billion)

15 May 2019 —
From January to March this year, total assets of insurers grew by 5.5% (by KZT 34.8 billion) and exceeded KZT 1.1 trillion (~EUR 2.58 billion), Allinsurance.kz reports.

"Total assets of life insurance companies rose to KZT 342.2 billion. This increase was due to the inclusion of EURASIA life company assets, which amount to KZT 5.5 billion. Thus, total number of players in the life insurance market increased to seven companies", the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan reported.

Total equity of insurers went up by KZT 49.9 billion, KZT 34 billion of which came from increased charter capital of KazakhExport.

At the same time, total insurance reserves increased by KZT 27.7 billion, to KZT 547.2 billion from the beginning of 2019. 82.7% of that increase came from EURASIA and HALYK.

*EUR 1 = KZT 425.95 (31.03.2019)