KOOPERATIVA- VIG: One third of homes and half of contents still uninsured in the Czech Republic

18 February 2015 — Daniela GHETU
KOOPERATIVA pojistovna - VIG, the second largest insurer in the Czech market, paid CZK 1.5 billion (~EUR 54 million), for 21,000 claims arising from the natural disasters in 2014. By comparison, in the previous year 23,000 similar claims were reported, with a total value of CZK 2 billion, of which CZK 1.6 billion were paid only for the damages produced by the June floods which affected the territory of the Czech Republic in 2013.

According to the company representatives, although 2014 was fortunately spared by natural disasters as compared with 2013, there were still lots of less powerful storms, floods and lighting strikes which affected the insured properties. Thus, KOOPERATIVA pojistovna - VIG paid a total amount of CZK 142 million for 5,000 claims caused by storms, CZK 650 million for 3,300 flood claims and CZK 75 million for 3,000 claims filed for damages produces by lightning strikes. "In addition to further damage from hail, heavy snow or other weather phenomena, we recorded an extraordinary event, a strong earthquake in the Cheb region, which caused our clients nearly 200 damages, with a total value of CZK 10 million," says Miroslav NOVAK, Director of the settlement of claims.

The largest part of the number of claims, i.e. 13,500 files, concerned the private properties of the Czech citizens and required payments of CZK 318 million. However, the about 6,200 claims recorded for industrial properties generated payments of CZK 1.1 billion. Another CZK 47 million were paid for damages caused to vehicles, corresponding to about 1,800 claim files.

KOOPERATIVA pojistovna - VIG provides property insurance products already since two decades, reaching in 2014 a portfolio of about one million policies and GWP for this line of business of about CZK 2.7 billion. However, as the head of the company's Division of Property and Liability Insurance recently stated every second household and every third house in the Czech Republic lack insurance. "In this insurance segment is still considerable room for further growth. By comparison with Austria or Germany it is quite surprising how many houses or households remain uninsured in our country. Czechs do not consider very seriously the insurance protection of their assets", said the KOOPERATIVA official.