LITHUANIA: Lietuvos Draudimas: Due to the raging storm, losses have already reached EUR 120 thousand

17 January 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the data of Lietuvos Draudimas, EUR 120 thousand have already been reserved to compensate losses of very strong wind gusts and thunderstorms recorded in Lithuania on Friday. The company's experts say that the numbers will definitely grow - it is expected to reach EUR 300 thousand, reports.

From Thursday to Friday, strong wind in Lithuania (up to 25 m / s) devastated people's property. "People from all over Lithuania apply to Lietuvos Draudimas for loss compensation, but big cities dominate. It is also important to mention that first the strong wind gusts reached the seaside and then moved through the entire territory of Lithuania", says Arturas JUODEIKIS, Head of the Operations Department of Lietuvos Draudimas.

According to him, on Friday the company was already contacted by customers, for losses of which EUR 120 thousand were reserved. The Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service forecasted that the strong wind would remain in Lithuania throughout noon on Saturday. Thus, the losses are expected to grow. "The last major storms were recorded on October 12 and August 16 last year. Then the losses were at considerable level - in October for EUR 150 thousand and in August we paid EUR 220 thousand", says JUODEIKIS.

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