LITHUANIA: Lithuania's credit rating affirmed at A- with a positive outlook

14 February 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In February, 2019 the international credit rating agency FITCH Ratings, based on the country's sound public finances and strong economic situation, affirmed Lithuania's long-term credit rating at A- with a positive outlook, as the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania announced.

According to the Agency, the rating action reflects the balance between the strong Lithuanian economy and the public finances and the country's vulnerability to external shocks, as well as a lower GDP per capita than rating peers.

The positive outlook means that, according to FITCH, Lithuania's macroeconomic indicators will remain stable, the vulnerability of the economy to external shocks will decrease, and the budget surplus will allow further reduction of the government debt.

The positive outlook also shows that FITCH is ready to improve Lithuania's credit rating over the next two years if economic growth and other observed indicators maintain a positive direction and do not deviate significantly from the agency's forecasts. The agency improved Lithuania's outlook last time in August, 2018.

The FITCH full report can be found here

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