LITHUANIA's best employers 2014: Lietuvos Draudimas

10 October 2014 —
For the third year in a row, the winners of Best Employers in Lithuania were announced. In 2014, the Best Employers awards went to the digital advertising software company Adform, Cramo, a service company specialising in equipment rental services, and the insurance company Lietuvos Draudimas, informs LETA/ELTA.

"Best Employers Study allows the employers looking at their activities through the eyes of their employees. Organisations with strong corporate culture enjoy 20 -30% better activity results compared to companies with lower corporate culture. We are pleased that the Best Employers Study results have become a catalyst which makes companies change and urge their managers to initiate and support the process of developing engagement culture," said Diana Palivoniene, a managing partner and consultant at OVC Consulting.

In 2014, engagement of Lithuanian employees in the activities of their companies stands at 53%, while the rate of employees at Best Employers winners is 80%. Trust and confidence in one's managers seeks 58% and 82% respectively, while pride in one's organisation  - 62% and 91% respectively.

Best Employers Study in the Baltic States has been carried out by the management consulting and training company OVC Consulting since 2012. Read the full story LITHUANIA's best employers 2014: Lietuvos Draudimas
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