Last year, ERGO paid out over EUR 216 million of compensation in the Baltics

28 February 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In 2023, ERGO paid out in the Baltic States EUR 216 million. Of these, EUR 59 million were paid to Latvian customers, EUR 102 million in Lithuania, and EUR 54 million in Estonia, the Latvian Insurers Association wrote.

In Latvia, almost EUR 32 million were paid out by ERGO in the form of health and life insurance, while MTPL, MoD, property, civil, accidents and travel insurance compensations reached EUR 27 million euros.

Compared to 2022, the number of ERGO claims not related to health and life insurance in the Baltics has increased by 4%. The biggest increase was in Estonia - 7%, followed by Lithuania with 4%, while in Latvia overall 5% less insurance claims were filed than a year before.

Last year, the Baltic countries were affected by natural disasters more than in previous years. The volume of paid claims was most affected by two storms that hit the Baltic States in August and October. For them, ERGO paid out EUR 3.4 million: almost EUR 2 million in Lithuania, EUR 840,000 in Latvia, and EUR 608,000 in Estonia.