Leadership changes at SCOR Global Life: Global Markets Organization

22 February 2021 — Andrei Victor
French reinsurer SCOR annouced three organizational moves "designed to further strengthen the organisation and support future success".

Thus, Miguel ALFERIEFF is promoted to Head of Global Markets, Asia, Continental Europe, and Latin America. "This promotion formalizes Miguel's leadership role across our Asian and Continental European markets. He will continue to support our market leaders and ensure strong connections across our markets and between market and global teams. Miguel will continue his work with our business development teams to ensure we are delivering the highest service, value and innovation to our clients".

At the same time, SCOR anounced that Damien BARTLETT is promoted to Head of UK, Ireland, South Africa and Canada and will now support Canada in addition to his responsibilities for the UK, Ireland and South Africa. "Canada is an important market for us and one where we see much potential to create impact. With this added responsibility, Damien will support the Canadian team to deliver the highest quality value proposition to clients, leveraging from a lot of the work that he has led in the UK. Francois BERNARD (Head of Canada) will continue to lead our Canadian team and will report to Damien".

The third move mentioned by SCOR is the promotion of Peter NOWELL to Global Head of Financial Solutions. " The Financial Solutions product line is becoming increasingly important to SCOR and we see increasing opportunities to solve financial challenges for our clients and optimise their financial results. Peter and the Global Financial Solutions team will work closely with the local market teams to ensure a strong and coordinated approach to clients, ensuring our clients can benefit from our strong global expertise and experience in delivering innovative solutions".

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