Lloyd's Europe leadership bolstered with new Board appointments confirmed

15 July 2021 — Andrei Victor
Lloyd's Insurance Company has confirmed its new Board appointees with Bruno van Lierde, Nicole Verheyen and Amelie Breitburd. Angela Crawford-Ingle will also join the LIC Board of Directors, effective immediately.

"A search process is underway for the recruitment of an additional independent, non-executive director which would complete Lloyd's Europe leadership, and will be announced in due course", as Lloyd's representatives mentioned in a statement.

"Bruno, Nicole and Angela will join Amelie in overseeing the new operating model for Lloyd's Europe, where they will work together to harness the opportunities for growth in Europe through a clear vision and strategy".

Bruno van Lierde will take up the position as Chair of the Board and Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Bruno van Lierde previously held the position of Senior Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Brussels. He joined BCG in 1991, setting up the Brussels office in 1993 and becoming Chairman in 2006. He was a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior executives of financial institutions and insurance companies.

Nicole Verheyen has been appointed as Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. Nicole Verheyen is a former Audit Partner at Ernst & Young (EY) and has more than 20 years insurance industry experience as an accredited auditor and qualified actuary. She currently holds the position of CFO and Employee Benefits Director at Concordia NV and holds a Board position at the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium (IABE).

Angela Crawford-Ingle joins as a member of the LIC Board of Directors, appointed by LIC's Shareholders (Corporation of Lloyd's), and will also be a member of the LIC Audit and Risk Committee. Angela Crawford-Ingle currently chairs the Audit Committee for the Corporation of Lloyd's.

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